"Kindermusik is a great opportunity for my son to engage in purposeful activity and at the same time it is a social event for me which gets us both out of the house. It is a highlight of our week!"  Erica F.

"Kindermusik is a great way to introduce young children to musical concepts in a fun, encouraging environment. After going through the program, my son was able to transition easily into learning an instrument, and I feel that was in great part due to the strong foundation he received from Kindermusik with Suzanne."  Terri M.

"Our boys have participated in Kindermusik with Suzanne for two years. In their class, Music for the Young Child, our boys have explored music from around the world through movement and play, while developing real skills and an understanding of music principles that has built a solid foundation for future musical endeavors. Miss Suzanne is a patient, playful instructor whom my children and I adore. We could not recommend the class enough!"  Amy M.

"After our first class, when they were only 13 weeks old, my twin daughters were so alert and ’sparkly' that I knew we had experienced something special. Kindermusik gives us a space in our week that is purely about having fun together, and gives us lots of ideas for play at home.
The teaching and resources (including the digital ones) are very high quality and are based on up-to-date research on how children learn and flourish. We all thrive on our weekly class."
  Lynn P.

"It is wonderful to watch my daughter be excited about learning, while developing the necessary life skills in a fun environment. Miss Suzanne’s passion and love for her classes makes every child enthusiastic about learning. No achievement (no matter how big or small) goes unnoticed.  Extremely informative and productive lessons whereby the impact on my childs’s development, coordination, musical recognition and self confidence in a group/social situations is clearly evident.  We love Kindermusik and look forward to this class every week!"  Heather B.

"I would recommend Kindermusik with Suzanne for so many different reasons. Firstly, the children love the classes and Miss Suzanne - she has a great way of working with them in a fun environment and they flourish visibly. Secondly, the Kindermusik programme takes a very different approach to other music classes for young children; it provides a broad-reaching musical foundation that includes music appreciation, instruments, rhythm, sounds, reading written music and much more - all achieved with a light touch. My daughter (and her Kindermusik friends) all love it!"  Marianne C.

"I was a little unsure about starting KM when Jack was so young but EVERYONE recommended it.  It is not only a chance to break out of the house, especially as this is my first baby, but also an opportunity to meet other parents with babies/children of a similar age. I was surprised at how many faces I knew!  The classes are well structured and Miss S makes you feel very welcome and relaxed, the take home CD’s and books are great too and give you an opportunity to learn the tunes so you can join in and engage with your baby.  
The first few classes felt a bit strange but it becomes obvious quickly actually how much they take in and learn and the 45 minutes whizzes past. Jack loves the musical instruments you get to take home and we play with them almost every day with lots of smiles and laughter.
He is now nearly one and it is obvious how much he enjoys class and LOVES Miss S!! I’m grateful for the recommendation that I sign up and encourage other parents to do so too." 
Caroline B.

"I have three children who were born far enough apart from each other that I was able to experience Suzanne's Kindermusik classes with each child individually (i.e. without a sibling in tow).  As a result, I have been attending classes for nearly a total of 7 years and can honestly say that I have enjoyed every musical moment Suzanne has facilitated between me and my kids.  What I like most about Suzanne's classes is that although there is a set theme, the children are allowed to follow at their own pace and participate in whichever manner they are comfortable with.  This makes it a fun environment for anyone, including adults, who wants to add some rhythm into his/her day."  Frances M.

"Miss Suzanne is, as always, a phenomenal teacher: the parents listen to her, the children adore her, everyone learns and has a fun time."  Emma L.

"Kindermusik and Miss Suzanne's lessons have had a huge impact in our lives and continue to do so. I can clearly see my daughter growing in confidence and knowledge thanks, in no small part, to the experiences and opportunities that are presented to her in class. I also continue to learn and have adapted the way in which I praise and encourage Emmy with fantastic results, thank to some words of wisdom from Miss Suzanne."  Rebecca L.