Helping our classes run smoothly

This information is provided to help everyone enjoy Kindermusik with Suzanne. Our aim is to make each class the best possible experience within a safe, nurturing and fun environment. Please contact Miss Suzanne by phone or email if you have any questions. Please ensure that everyone bringing your child is familiar with all the policies.

Please note these policies were in effect before the current Covid-19 pandemic and our classes are currently being held in a Virtual (online only) format. As we look to re-open in person classes some of these policies will be revised.

  • Healthy classroom: Makeup classes are available so please do not come to class if your child or the accompanying adult is sick or has had a fever within the previous 24 hours. In the case of Rota-virus or stomach flu please allow 48 hours before returning to class. Any siblings who are “not well enough” to go to school  should also not be brought to class. Instruments are cleaned between classes. Please wash hands or use the hand sanitizer/wipes provided in the Hall before and after class. Non-slip socks, soft slippers or indoor shoes should be worn by children and adults.
  • Food is NOT permitted in the classroom at any time. Some children and adults have severe food allergies. It is also distracting for children to see others eating and drinking. If an “emergency” arises during class or either of you need a drink please use the kitchen area. This policy applies to adults as well as children. Foundations parents may breastfeed or bottle-feed baby at the back of the Hall.
  • Photos/videos:  We know many of you like to take photos during class. There will be specific times during class to take pictures and we request that you (and any visitors) do not include other children in your photos. Please do not take photographs or videos without permission.
  • Adult participation: Please come prepared to participate fully in all the activities as you are as much a part of the class as your child. Your enthusiastic participation will encourage your children.
  • Class Discipline: Although you remain responsible for your child’s behavior and whereabouts, please follow the teacher’s guidelines for classroom discipline. Providing your child is not in danger of hurting himself, others, or damaging the instruments, movement during class is appropriate and acceptable. Uncontrolled running, shouting or harmful behavior towards other children is not allowed.
  • Safety: For safety reasons the main door will be closed shortly after the start of class. Please watch your child carefully when the door is open and especially at the end of the class.
  • Siblings: You are encouraged to make child care arrangements for siblings during Kindermusik classes. Classes are designed for one-on-one participation (except for the Mixed-Age Class) and it can be hard to concentrate on the enrolled child when another is in need of your attention. If you have a newborn or very young infant please contact Miss Suzanne for further information.
  • Attendance & Makeup: If possible, please call or email if your child will not be in class. This may allow someone else to “make-up” in your place.To request a makeup class refer to your class schedule, select a suitable alternative class and phone or email in advance.
  • Announcements: Any announcements or updates will be posted on the bulletin board in the classroom, on our website, on our Facebook page and via email as appropriate.
  • Cell Phones: Please turn off or mute cell phones during class.
  • Communication: Please ensure that your teacher is aware of any information that may affect your child’s learning. Should any concerns or special situations arise during the semester please call or email Miss Suzanne.
  • The Hall: The hall is rented. Please respect all parts of the property, both inside and outside.
  • Instruments: The instruments used in class should be handled with care and respect by both children and adults.
  • Parking: Parking is available behind the stores. Parking is NOT allowed on the Church property or in front of the stores.
  • Personal Information: Individual confidentiality is maintained. Please do not ask the teachers for phone numbers or emails of other class members.
  • Severe Weather closures or class cancellations: Kindermusik with Suzanne follows Governmental advice issued to schools on hurricanes and pandemics etc. If schools are closed so is Kindermusik with Suzanne. If we have to cancel classes due to teacher sickness we will try to give notice by phone and/or email but please be patient in an emergency!
  • “Things”: Except for Foundations classes, please try to leave all “things” at home or in the car as these can cause a distraction to the other children. However, if your child is very attached to an item please be sensitive to others who may want to share it as well!
  • Visitors: Visitors are welcome provided prior arrangements have been made with the teacher. Please help visitors follow all class policies.
  • Refunds: There are NO refunds for classes missed by students, classes cancelled due to hurricanes, pandemics etc., or classes falling on public holidays. Prorated refunds for families who may have to leave the Island will be considered on an individual basis and ONLY if the space can be filled.