Helping our classes run smoothly

Our Virtual classes are held via Zoom. This information is provided to help everyone enjoy Kindermusik with Suzanne. Please ensure that everyone attending a Zoom session with your child is familiar with all the policies. Our aim is to make each class the best possible experience within a safe, nurturing and fun environment.  Please contact Miss Suzanne by phone or email if you have any questions.

  • Photos/videos: NO photos or screen shots that include other class members may be taken by anyone attending a Zoom class.
  • Adult participation: Please come prepared to participate fully in all the activities as you are as much a part of the class as your child. Your enthusiastic participation will encourage your children.
  • Siblings: Please contact Miss Suzanne for further information if your child has younger or older siblings who may be present during class time.
  • Attendance & Makeup: Our current Zoom session (September to December 2020) allows for unlimited attendance in an age appropriate class.
  • Announcements: Any announcements or updates will be posted via email, (please check that is listed as a safe sender and also that your promotions folder doesn't "hide" emails from Constant Contact), on our website, and on our Facebook page as appropriate.
  • Communication: Please ensure that your teacher is aware of any information that may affect your child’s learning. Should any concerns or special situations arise during the semester please call or email Miss Suzanne.
  • Personal Information: Individual confidentiality is maintained. Please do not ask the teachers for phone numbers or emails of other class members.
  • Severe Weather closures or class cancellations: Kindermusik with Suzanne follows Governmental advice issued to schools on hurricanes and pandemics etc. If there is a hurricane we will advise of any interruption to our Zoom sessions. If we have to cancel classes due to teacher sickness we will try to give notice by phone and/or email but please be patient in an emergency!
  • “Things”: Children can now bring their favorite toys to class 😀
  • Visitors:For online security, visitors may ONLY attend with Miss Suzanne's prior permission.
  • Refunds: There are NO refunds for classes missed by students, classes cancelled due to hurricanes, pandemics etc., or classes falling on public holidays.